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As we shelter in place it's a perfect moment to pause, lean in, and listen to what God is saying to us!

Trapped in a world of perfectionism? This video is for you! There is a simplicity in Christ that God has made available for us to walk in. 1 Cor. 11:3b: "...the simplicity that is in Christ."

What is God doing during this time of sheltering in place? Many things! Maybe He wants to do something new in your life. Will you "let go," and let Him?

As believers, we have been given authority by Christ, HImself. Are we walking in the knowledge of that authority? We should be! It will make a difference in the way we carry ourselves.

As believers, we've been given authority by Jesus to cast out evil spirits, to heal sickness and disease, and even to move mountains! We need to grab hold of what we've been given and go to war!